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I purchased this about 3 weeks ago. I have medical issues and have wanted to lose weight for a while. I have tried everything out there. Decided I had nothing to lose when I came across information on apple cider vinegar. Read all of the reviews and researched which brand to buy before purchasing this one. If I’m going to try something I want to try the best. This is the only vitamin, herbal product that I have lost what I feel is significant weight within two weeks of taking it. I have not exercised or changed anything in my diet. But in two weeks I went from a size 16 to a size 14 something I have not been able to do since gaining weight years ago. I can’t say scientifically if this product cause the weight loss but it’s the only change I made in my life the last two weeks. Does not cause any issues in fact sometimes I take double the dose.
— Jennell Jones
Definitely helped to cut bloating and is helping to reduce belly fat.
— Mykie Ozoa
I have been taking this every morning over the last month and I do feel like it gives me energy and helps curb my appetite during the day! I do intermittent fasting and I feel like these help with that. Will continue to use.
— Jessica Albert
Love that I can get the benefits of apple cider without the taste.
— Lauren Handlin
My husband likes them. I feel like I am noticing results with exercise. So far, so good.
— Kimberly Bailey
I love the natural energy that this products gives! I take it 30 mins before my morning & evening meal & it works as an appetite suppressant so I don’t over eat!
— Chasity Cordova
Liked it, great product. It works!
— Craig Worden
I bought this product for blood sugar use... it’s the strongest milligram that I have found in an organic capsule... it has lowered my A1C below pre-diabetic... I would recommend this product to anybody... I love it.
— Patricia Fenrich
I used this product for my menopause symptoms. It totally helps with them. I need it drastically and without it I’d be miserable.
— Tammy Hawkins-Edwards

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